March 20th, 2017

FAIRFAX, VA (3/17/17) – John Hanson, CPA, CFE, CCEP, Director of Artifice Forensic Financial Services – a division of PBMares, LLP – has launched the International Association of Independent Corporate Monitors (IAICM) and will serve as the organization’s Chairman & President.

“Corporate Monitoring is something I am very passionate about and there was no association dedicated to improving the practice and helping professionals who are interested in being a Monitor,” said Hanson. “IAICM fills a critical gap in helping professionals interested in Corporate Monitoring, bringing greater transparency to Corporate Monitoring, and creating standards against which Monitors can be held.”

In addition to Hanson, there are eight Board Members and five Special Advisers who volunteer their time in support of the organization. “Each of our Board Members is dedicated to IAICM’s mission and purpose.  They joined because they share my passion and wanted to be part of shaping the future of Corporate Monitoring,” said Hanson.

The new not-for-profit organization, a 501(C)(6), was created to promote and improve the professional practice of Corporate Monitoring while providing high-quality, relevant information, resources, and training to those practicing in the area of Corporate Monitoring. There is also a Public Resources Center on their site where the public can search for Agreements and historical information.

Hanson has over 26 years of fraud investigations, forensic accounting, corporate compliance and ethics, and audit experience. He has become widely known for his work and thought leadership in the area of Independent Corporate Monitorships and is a passionate advocate for best practices in this developing and growing field of service. Before forming Artifice, Hanson spent over five years as a leader in the fraud investigations and forensic accounting practice of a large publicly traded international financial consulting firm. Hanson was also a Special Agent with the FBI, where for nearly ten years he specialized in White Collar Crime and investigated a wide variety of complex fraud schemes and financial crimes. As a Supervisory Special Agent and Instructor at the FBI Academy, he developed and implemented fraud and investigative training curriculum for New Agent Trainees and conducted advanced fraud related in-service training for experienced FBI Agents.


IAICM is a 501(C)(6) Not for Profit Membership Organization dedicated to educating the public on the topic of Independent Corporate Monitors (“Monitors”) and advancing the use of and quality of service of those individuals serving or seeking to serve as Monitors. The purposes of IAICM are to promote and improve the professional practice of Corporate Monitoring; to be a recognized thought-leader in the field of Corporate Monitoring; to make available information on Corporate Monitoring to the public; and to provide high-quality, relevant information, resources and training to professionals and others practicing in the area of Corporate Monitoring. Notably, IAICM will serve as an invaluable resource where government agencies, oversight organizations, in-house counsels, and others can find a list of prospective candidates for Corporate Monitorships. More information is available online at www.iaicm.org.

About Artifice

Artifice Forensic Financial Services, LLC, a division of PBMares, LLP, is a boutique consulting firm focused on independent corporate monitoring, corporate compliance and ethics, forensic accounting, and financial fraud examinations.  More information is available online at http://www.artificeforensic.com

About PBMares, LLP

PBMares, LLP is an accounting and business consulting firm serving U.S. and international clients, with offices in the Mid-Atlantic.  A Top 100 Firm as determined by INSIDE Public Accounting, the firm unlocks opportunity for clients using the right balance of industry, specialty and general business services in the areas of audit and accounting, tax planning and preparation, pension plan design/administration, and owner-managed/corporate financial consulting.  In addition, the firm provides additional services through its affiliates: Artifice Forensic Financial Services, LLC, a financial consulting division specializing in fraud investigations and forensic accounting; PBMares Wealth Management, LLC, a registered investment advisor; and TMDG, LLC, a national healthcare consulting firm specializing in medical claims audits.  More information is available online at www.pbmares.com.